RIP DOP: Brooklyn Band Dirty on Purpose Calls It Quits

In some sad news, the band members of the well-known Brooklyn band Dirty on Purpose has decided to go their separate ways. In an email sent to their mailing list this morning, the rock quartet announced that DOP will no longer be in existence for the foreseeable future:

We got back from tour about a month ago and sat down to talk about recording another record, and realized we didn’t really want to record another record. Not now anyway. So we’re going our separate ways.


The band, which had been together for six years have released 3 EPs between 2005-2008 and one full-length album titled “Hallelujah Sirens” in 2006. In 2005 founding member Erika Forster left the band to concentrate on her group Au Revoir Simone.

As one of the first people to blog about the band (I first saw them in 2003–I believe in the Old Office of the Knitting Factory), this is an especially sad announcement to make, but you can still see the guys in their own respective projects: Joe and Doug belong to Neckbeard Telecaster; George plays bass in Coin Under Tongue; Joe also has another solo projected called Joe and the Flying Spoons; and Doug also plays with Purse Snatchers and Black Acid.

Wishing the guys well in all their future endeavors!

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