New Megapuss Video: “Adam & Steve”

What do you get when you add Devendra Banhart, Greg Rogove, Fabrizio Moretti, a white background, and a digital camcorder? Apparently you get a silly music video for “Adam & Steve,” a song off the album Surfing of their mutual side project, Megapuss. The LP was released this week on November 4th.

The video, which was shot by artistAmy Jo Diaz , and Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi makes a cameo as a thrashing guitar hero.

Out of all the Strokes members’ side projects, I gotta say, this is my least favorite. As you may recall, Fabrizio is also in another band with Binki Shapiro and Rodrigo Amarante, Little Joy, which also dropped their album this week. Where Megapuss is all about ridiculous dalliance, Little Joy is a celebration of charmingly sweet melodies and sing-a-long style anthems.

More over at The Music Journal.

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  1. The Nick and Fab reunion is nice. If only Julian, Nikolai, and Albert could join them as well…

    This is a funny vid though

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