The Strokes to Start Recording in February 2009

According to the BBC, Strokes bassist Nikolai Fraiture has confirmed that the band will all get together in February of 2009 and start recording new music as a group.

Currently Niko is touring in the UK with his new solo project, Nickel Eye. His solo album will release on January 27, 2009. Can’t wait!!

The question is… where will the Strokes settle down and record? New York? LA? Some cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Thanks to Henry for the link.

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3 replies on “The Strokes to Start Recording in February 2009”

  1. Thanks Strokes..we’ve only been waiting for like, fifteen years. Maybe you guys don’t realize that I’ve been dead inside since the last record was getting worn out on my turntables. I can’t wait for this, but I swear, it better be better than Albert’s second record.


    I don’t care that it told me nothing new; that it has been sent means that things are happening!

    I’m excited.

    Thanks for this! Maybe they will record in Hawaii? They did write a song about it, which is implicit that they hold a lot of love for it..

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