Ray LaMontagne’s Got a Crush on Meg White

Reports Rolling Stone:

Singer/songwriter Ray LaMontagne has written a sweet love song for the White Stripes’ drummer Meg White. The name of the song? “Meg White.”

The rumor is that Meg loves the song and will be meeting up with LaMontagne at his show in Michigan. Not sure yet if they’ll ride their bikes down to the sea and go down on each other.

Listen to the song right here

What do you think? Sweet ode or annoying publicity stunt?

Thanks to W for the link.

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5 replies on “Ray LaMontagne’s Got a Crush on Meg White”

  1. Need a boost in sales or attention? Just add Meg or Jack ‘s name to your project and people become instantly interested.

  2. This is the type of crush that is contented with being just a crush, but enthusiastic enough to be written about in a song.

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