Nikolai and Fabrizio to Play New York…Seperately

Looks like there’s some action the (former?) members of the Strokes front… Nikolai Fraiture’s side project, Nickel Eye, will have their debut New York show on October 22nd at the Williamsburg Hall of Music as part of CMJ, and then play a show at Pianos on the 24th. London folks will get a chance to preview Nikolai’s latest project in advance of us Americans, as Nickel Eye will be doing a show in the UK on October 15th at the Borderline.

Fabrizio Moretti‘s band, Little Joy, will also be playing in NYC in the near future in support in the release of the November 4th band’s debut album on Rough Trade. The band will play Mercury Lounge on November 13th and Maxwell’s in Hoboken on November 14th.

Will you be at either?

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7 replies on “Nikolai and Fabrizio to Play New York…Seperately”

  1. if I lived in NY I would go to both. I actually like these side projects. I would prefer to have new music from the Strokes, but they need to get this out of their system. I’ll be patient. but only because they’ve announced that they’ll be back in studio soon.

  2. A member of Fabrizio’s project is a great brazillian musician, Rodrigo Amarante, this time really “”former”” member of Los Hermanos. I’d rather not say that it’ll be great, cuz I haven’t listened to it yet, but… Gonna download it ASAP.

  3. fuck ya

    who thought youd ever see those guys play in small places again..

    gonna be classic.

  4. Yes, I wouldn’t write ” former ” just yet. Think about how great The Strokes were/ are. They will be back, just be patient.

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