“Another Way to Die” Music Video Revealed!

The Jack White and Alicia Keys duet is finally revealed in its full form (no thanks to Coca-Cola). The visuals are a little bit “7 Nation Army” + iPod commerical + Justin Timberlake’s “My Love” + Semiconductor‘s “Magnetic Movie”–but the one inescapable image that will forever sear your brain when watching this video is the sight of JACK WHITE PLAYING THE DRUMS.

My heart nearly stopped.

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  1. jack on drums. pretty awesome, yes…….

    although it does seem a bit goody-two-shoes-McCartney for my taste.

  2. Dear Jack White,
    I am over you. You are too smug for my tastes. Sorry I told you, that you were the greatest. It has gone to your head.

  3. you know who would have been better, Amy Winehouse. Jack White, you are the coolest rich person ever. Saw you in Hollyweird eating lunch with the other Raconteurs, rich lunch eating bastards.

  4. Dear Jack White
    You are the biggest sell-out ever. You are a pompous ass and you have totally forgot where you came from. James Bond theme songs from you? WTF?
    I cannot even listen to my WHITE STRIPES LP’S anymore because all I can think of is how much of a ponce you have become. peace out.. 🙁

  5. god freaking awful what happened to jack white ?????
    alicia keyes has a nice voice but her and Jack singing together?? He cant freakin sing this sucks so bad what a terrible song I cant take him seroius in the tux either he is officially a twat

  6. I think that if Jack White really was a sell out….he would’ve sold out a long time ago. He is not a sell out. Yea it’s kinda cheesy that it’s a Bond theme, but it’s still a really fun and interesting collaboration. The man is a genius, so lay off. Also, I really like the ZZ Top Gretsch guitar he’s playing! He’s branching out a bit.

  7. The good: Yesterday’s coolest guitar man, Jack White, playing the drums like he did a long time ago.

    The Bad: Today’s coolest guitar man, Jack White, putting his name behind a super overproduced song like this.

    I guess it’ll please zillions of folks because it’s so “cutting edge,” but after hearing it I had to go and listen to Portland, Oregon ten times just so that he and Loretta could rinse my ears out. Now that my friends, was a duet.

    While we’re on the subject of random females borrowing Jack White’s microphones, is anyone really feeling that Adele version of Many shades of black?

    It’s not bad, but oh boy was I disappointed to see that as a b-side they chose that as opposed to, I don’t know…an acoustic version of said song.

    Sorry for the rambling on here, but I guess I’m worried that the Jack that sang “Let’s shake hands” is gone.

  8. i think he is brilliant
    i think he is genius
    i think you have to evolve or die
    i think you all know that


  9. Selling out is getting a full time job at starbucks.
    Ca$hing in is more like it.

    My reasons for the 1st Dear jack….

    is because he has become bigger than the music. and he believes his own hype.

  10. this sell-out talk has followed jack around since about 2000. instead of proclaiming the first ill-informed reaction that jumps into your head, you should listen to what he writes in songs, what he says in interviews, and what he really believes. there are reasons to what he does and does not do and he often makes them explicitly clear in interviews. how can anyone pretend to say they know that “he believes his own hype.” it’s foolish. I don’t like the video but it’s hardly a reason to simply write him off as if he’s no longer capable of doing anything good.

  11. Change is the one true constant in life. It has no boundaries, it challenges us and it frightens many. But without change, life is static. A true artist like Jack never gets comfortable. They always challenge themselves. I am a huge Jack fan and I am always interested in what he is going to do next. Love him or hate him, the man has talent.

  12. he is a sell out cashing in or whatever and yes he is not the same Jack that sang lets shake hands that Jack had integrity and ideals and was not a money grubbing social climbing run of the mill hack that would marry a “super”model and do this hideous cheesy trite crappy song.

  13. bad video, great song. jack composed a great bond instrumentation here. but he looks like he needs some rest, and his voice is dwarfed by alicia’s natural singing ability and range. (his non pro tools approach to recording shows that alicia keys doesn’t need auto tune, so it is flattering to her if anything) there didn’t need to be a video, but seeing him drum finally, is great.

  14. funny when people get jealous, as if Jack is some kind of threat to your existence.
    What is he doing that is so harmful…writing and producing? Really? that’s it?
    Some People must have no direction or aim to do better, what a backwards view of things..to just settle and meet the minimum expectation and expect others to do the same, as if you’re the expert on what they should be doing at any given point.
    The dude got to do a Bond theme, and it’s pretty badass…watch out Jackie, they’ll throw you back in your little box if you let them, and take you out only when it suits them…they’re boring like that, pompous asses indeed.

  15. Agreed with ahanstuff
    True genius is when you can sustain a career for eight plus years evolving constantly and still have people like you to the degree of respect Jack still commands
    What musician wouldnt want the honour or writing, producing and singing a Bond theme. Jeez if its good enough for bloody John BarryAlthough called ‘over produced’ that is very much in keeping with the epic nature of Bond tunes.

    I could understand it if he was writing effing songs for Nike

    Grow up naysayers and

  16. why/how is it jealousy when you think a certain entertainer sucks? when you think someone has gone down the drain as a artist? and do i have to make up some fake name we are all anonymous.
    Video sucks
    Voices do not go together
    he has become very uninteresting as a artist
    he is a bore

    oh and he didnt write a song for nike…JUST ONE FOR COCA-COLA WTF LOL lame-ass retard hipsters

  17. why/how is it jealousy when you think a certain entertainer sucks? when you think someone has gone down the drain as a artist? and do i have to make up some fake name we are all anonymous.
    Video sucks
    Voices do not go together
    he has become very uninteresting as a artist
    he is a bore!

    oh and he didnt write a song for nike…JUST ONE FOR COCA-COLA WTF LOL lame-ass retard hipsters

  18. Alright kids, let’s not quibble. Our Uncle Jack has worked hard and he’s finally gotten that promotion. He’s now the #2 man in the company! Tonight, we’ll celebrate with wines and fancy cheeses. We’ll listen to fine music as well. Rejoice! It will be a night to remember.

    Don’t worry…all the money in the world won’t change our loving Uncle. He’ll always be there to sing us to sleep with his wonderful blues songs.

    What’s that? He doesn’t sing the blues anymore? Rubbish!

    Let’s not be too hard on him. He needed to advance and grow. He’s got his own family to take care of now. He needed to learn new skills and apply them to keep up with the new direction of the business world. He’s a maverick!

    *If you say this in an Aunt Jemima voice it sounds like the truth, but if read in your regular voice you can tell it’s an amazing bit of sarcasm.

  19. oh robot…uncle jack is a douche i asked him to sing me some blues rock tunes and he started singing some lame ass bond theme song. uncle jack sucks 🙁

  20. great job on the drumming, Jack, nice to finally hear and see that talent put to work as well as the production of that song. The Bond people could have had almost anyone else to do this, and a lot of material to consider, but they chose your idea to represent todays Bond.
    I think it will blend in well with the movie theme. Nice job!!!!

  21. So, only 25 comments on a recent post about Jack White on Modern Age???? THIS is proof that his 20 mins are up hahahaha oh wait maybe if I bring up him banging his best friends wife we can get some more comments??
    Jack lost his appeal when Meg White broke up the band. See, he was right about one thing, he gave Meg credit for making the band interesting. Which shows hes a good business man, just no charisma without the weird “my big sister/ex-wife” shiznole hoo-ha going on. Peace out Jack

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