Lykke Li Performs for Drunks, Models, and Fashionistas

Tonight’s V Magazine party at the Mini Space Roof was chock full o’ beautiful people…Agyness, Raquel, Irina, Karlie, and many many more. But I was most excited to see the Swedish singing sensation, Lykke Li.

Wearing a loose black shirt and pants outfit that looked like a chic genie, she wooed the crowd with her beautiful, child-like voice.

The reality TV junkie that I am, I completely FLIPPED out when I saw Rachel Zoe. I love love LOVE her Bravo show, The Rachel Zoe Project. She was super nice, and looked fab…and actually not as skinny as I thought she’d be–don’t get me wrong, she’s TINY, but not horrifyingly so.

Rachel with her assistant Brad Goreski.

Model Irina Lazareanu caught eyes wearing a sparkly flapper-inspired outfit with feathered head dress.

So in love! Peaches Geldof with husband Max Drummey. They were just married in August.

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7 replies on “Lykke Li Performs for Drunks, Models, and Fashionistas”

  1. This year I’ve seen three Swedish girls in NYC- Lykke Li, Robyn and Doctors & Dealers. They were all pretty amazing! It must be something in the Swedish water…

  2. Likke Li, well she´s okay but she needs a little more time to finished to convince me.

  3. Rachael Zoe is a HORRIBLE dresser!… i watched her show once and everything she wore was animal prints and furs… and giant ugly sunglasses… and she has the nerve to call it high fashion…

    give me a break!… she work a tiger stripes and leopard print AT THE SAME TIME!… completely fugly!

    and then she wore white fur coat on top that was all stringy… she looked like a giant sheepdog walking down the street… yuck!

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