Poor Noel Gallagher Cannot Catch a Break

Why is God always kicking the crap out of the kinder, gentler Gallagher brother? In 2002 Noel Gallagher was involved in a serious head-on collision while riding in a car with other band members of Oasis…brother Liam was in a separate car.

Then this past weekend, a man jumped on stage during their Toronto show and shoved poor Noel into his monitor speakers, causing bruising to his ribs and hips. Perhaps the dude was really pissed that they were singing “Morning Glory.” Perhaps, “Don’t Look Back in Anger” would have been better…

Oasis is still scheduled to perform this Friday in NYC.

Watch the incident:

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8 replies on “Poor Noel Gallagher Cannot Catch a Break”

  1. remember when i was all like “your face isnt messed up” and noel was like “i bet you say that to all the boys”

    that was also the night gweneth met chris


    oh and i need a ticket for friday if anyone can help out!

  2. Watching Coldplay play Songbird with Oasis and Gwen on the balacony. Priceless.

    “for everything else…”

  3. Woah!!pretty sure the guy was going for Liam at the end but didn’t get the chance.evidently the time limit on Liam’s pack with Satan has note expired

  4. you forgot to mention his whining about jack doing the bond theme, his chief complaint was that it was americans doing the song. he’s an idiot.

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