Anyone Else Once Totally Obsessed with “Center Stage”?

You know, Center Stage… the best movie ever after Newsies?

Well, I totally loved that movie when it came out in 2000. (Remember the dance sequence at the end of the movie?? I’ve never been able to listen to Jamiroquai w/out thinking of CS ever since then.) And even though Ethan Stiefel’s acting was like SO BAD, I was so in love with Sascha Radetsky AND this amazingly pretty girl that was also in the film, Zoe Saldana.

As you probably know, Zoe Saldana went on to make an awful movie with Britney Spears called “Crossroads” and has appeared in other films like “Vantage Point”, and “Drumline.” But there will always be a soft spot in my heart for Miss Zoe Saldana no matter what she does.

So today I mini raised the roof when I saw Miss Zoe coming out of DVF today…

None of these people over the age of 30 have any idea who she is…

It was a little sad to see her posing for all the people who lined up at the back entrance… all the A-list celebs like Eva Longoria and Leighton Meester ran out quickly and avoided the paps or went out through the side. But there Zoe was, posing away. The folks around me had no idea who she was, one girl even saying, “Must be a nobody–otherwise people would have been shouting her name.” “CENTER STAGE, PEOPLE!” I wanted to yell!

You keep your classy chin up, Zoe. You look stunning…no matter who does and does not recognize you!


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10 replies on “Anyone Else Once Totally Obsessed with “Center Stage”?”

  1. i was madly in love with sascha radetsky back then, and then i began working with a boy who looked kind of similar, and it turned out he was only 15.
    it was awkward.

  2. No, I don’t give a shit about Center Stage.

    I’m only commenting because I saw the words “Zoe Saldana” and…

    wait…I guess, that’s all I have to say.

  3. Ethan’s terrible acting? Please! Sascha had that voice… and ugh. I loved me some Ethan Stiefel (it could also be that he was far and away the best dancer in the movie no matter how cheesy the plot/dialogue/acting.) And WHAT? Center Stage 2?!?!?! DYING right now! 😉

  4. Sascha was also an awful actor (I HATE THE SMIRKING AT THE END), but I guess I just hated Ethan’s character more… oh and the blonde chick, her acting was painful as well. Zoe, Eion Bailey (aka- Paul Rudd Jr.), and the bulimic girl were the only ones out of the kids who had any sort of acting chops.

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