The Breeders at McCarren Pool for Pool Parties

Yesterday the sun was shining, the skin was sunburning, and the McCarren Pool in Williamsburg/Greenpoint was hopping for the third JELLYNYC Pool Party featuring indie rock superstars, The Breeders.

The rock royalty did a mix of old, new, and others, including covers of a Guided By Voices song, “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” by the Beatles, and (believe it or not), their “hit” “Cannonball” (mid-set!).

The late sleepers were shut out

The Pool was at capacity (as you can imagine) and there was a huge crowd of folks waiting at the gates the entire time that the Breeders were playing. [PICS TK] Folks actually attempted to scale the fences around the perimeter of the Pool, only to be foiled by the new beefy security peeps that are now present at the ever-growing event.

Openers Matt & Kim rounded out their set by bringing on a full marching band to do a raucous version of “Crazy In Love.”

And for fashionistas, Topshop/Topman made their first apperance at the Pool, with a picture photobooth and handing out TS tank tops, buttons, and probably the greatest giveaway I’ve gotten this year–a roll-up bamboo mat emblazoned with “TOPSHOP MCCARREN POOL PARTIES 2008” on the outside. Surely this will be used summer long and various outdoor events. That’s what I call smart marketing.

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