Jack White Joins Last Shadow Puppets Onstage and Amy Winehouse Punches Out at Glastonbury 2008

This just in from my friend at Abeano Music–Jack White stepped out to play a few bars during The Last Shadow Puppets’ set at Glastonbury. What did he guest on? A cover of Billy Fury’s “Wondrous Place.”


Notice how Jack just casual (and quietly) slumps off stage…like he was never there at all.

Writes NME.com, “Miles Kane explained they had simply bumped into White backstage: “We just asked him and he said yes.”

Picys over at NME.com

More over at Youtube, Abeano Music, NME.com

Although Jack playing is quite exciting, it’s not nearly as exciting as this video of Amy Winehouse punching someone in the middle of her Glasto set. Appropriately enough, it was during “Rehab.” Hysterical…especially b/c the guy who got punched was not hurt:

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5 replies on “Jack White Joins Last Shadow Puppets Onstage and Amy Winehouse Punches Out at Glastonbury 2008”

  1. she’s such a horrible mess. it’s nice, though, that she’s been trampled over by better replacements, if you will. MIA. Santogold…Adele, possibly.

  2. amy swinehouse should be banned from being anywhere public,she is an arrogant and annoying person that I have no wish to see or hear from again.

  3. So once again nobody cares about a Jack White anything. How about responding to the unbelievable talents and not the predictable crackhead.

  4. Wouldn’t it be great if Jack just started randomly showing up at different events, playing a bit and then just disappearing? Like he could suddenly appear at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, play a few licks of the Olympics theme music, then just slink away? Then show up at the Presidential Inauguration, play a bit of ‘Hail to the Chief,’ and disappear into a crowd of Secret Service guys? It could be a whole new thing for him…

  5. alex turner, matt helders and alexa chung were at the raconteurs at terminal 5 the first night of the three shows. this video further proves BFF-dom

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