Meg White Steps Out with the Raconteurs in Detroit

Writes a poster on the Little Room message boards about the June 8, 2008 Raconteurs show in Detroit, Michigan:

Meg did sit behind pk’s [Patrick Keeler’s] kit for a min, and I went complete ape shit. I thought she was gonna play a song, but then pk came up and said “sorry honey, wrong band” an she went backstage. She looked so nervous, like they really had to try to get her to come out.

Another poster chimed in:

Yes Miss Megan came out with Jack right after the break and sat on Patrick’s stool. She cocked her left shoulder forward and looked over it at Jack and gave him a good WS stare. The crowd went nuts! 🙂 Did I mentioned that I almost cried AGAIN!

Here’s a little blurry picture of Meg walking away. (Thanks to whitestripesman.)


More at Rolling Stone and Billboard.

Thanks to A and W for the head’s up.

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12 replies on “Meg White Steps Out with the Raconteurs in Detroit”

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself for missing the concert last night. Ever!

  2. i was there. i had a meltdown. the bitch was toying with my emotions!!! i knew it was too good to be true.

  3. if The Stripes are going to get back together to put out another just ALRIGHT album (let’s be honest here: Icky Thump stunk compared to what they’re capable of), they should probably stay in hibernation for a bit longer if not forever. I thought their last batch of Icky Thump shows were very lackluster to boot. And their zillion releases of the Conquest single in different and equally boring formats didn’t help much either.

  4. Liza, the bitch??? Sounds like this may be a case of the pot. Wtf does Meg White owe you? To think that The White Stripes would play a set in the middle of a Raconteurs show is just plain ignorant. The Raconteurs, and all other artists with any talent, should do all of us a favor and ban morons like you from buying tickets to their shows.

  5. I think Liza was kidding Disgusted! She just wanted to see her play- who wouldn’t?! Being a fan and all, of course people were disappointed.

    I wonder why she came out, Jackie wanted to remind her how many people adore her as an artist? Maybe a boost of confidence. Wonder why PK told her ‘wrong band’ and she left. Strange business. Then again, look what a stir one appearance caused. Now that’s love.

  6. OMG!! doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor anymore?? If you ever listen to The Racontuers give an interview they have the most sarcastic sense of humor collectively. They were just laughing when they said “wrong band”. Lighten up and get in on the joke!

  7. CAgirl, ah, I do have a sense of humor. 🙂 I was wondering if it was a joke, thanks for the head’s up.

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