Did You Win Tickets to Coldplay at MSG on June 23rd?

About 4 hours ago an email went out to the winners of the free ticket giveaway for Coldplay‘s June 23rd show at Madison Square Garden to promote their new album, Viva la Vida. Then about an hour later, they sent out another email correcting the date (the original email said the show was on June 24th–whoops!).

coldplay at MSG

Tickets will be mailed out to winners on or around June 10th, and when they arrive the lucky concert-goers will find out the location of their seats.

Winners are warned not to try to scalp their tickets. Chastises the email, “We’ll catch you and take your tickets away from you. So please don’t do it. You will get a letter with your tickets that explains the entire process so please be patient.”

Congrats to all that won!

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