Coldplay’s iTunes Commercial for “Viva la Vida”

Tonight when I was watching my eyeliner-wearing boo, David Cook, win American Idol, I found myself staring at an obvious iTunes commercial.

But who–who–was the band in the commercial? “Uh, is this Depeche Mode?” I thought, until I saw Jonny Buckland‘s profile and subsequently squealed, “OMG, it’s Coldplay. Oh man!”

itunes coldplay

The band is advertising their “exclusive” deal with iTunes for their single “Viva la Vida.”

I for one am not super keen on it–IMHO it looks like they are being surrounded by Technicolor farts.

Watch those farts in HD.

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4 replies on “Coldplay’s iTunes Commercial for “Viva la Vida””

  1. that’s not his “i’m hideous” face. that’s his “i’m copying thom yorke, yet again, from the street spirit video” face.

  2. I stopped liking Coldplay after that overbloated wannabe-epic 80s album, X&Y. But I think this song is unbelievable. Looking forward to no. 4.

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