Adam Green Finishes Before My Bedtime

Adam Green at Town Hall tonight was hilarious, entertaining, and uplifting. Decked out in a long-sleeved black shirt with white fringe and white jeans, Adam pranced around the stage like a giddy boy practicing being a rock star in his bedroom–self-continuously chuckling at the audience.

Humorous inter-song banter included comments about Chris O’Donnell (“I feel like Batman’s Robin. Like Chris O’Donnell. He never quite made it to being successful…unlike myself.”) and shouting from the audience (“Are you guys Italian? I love Italian people.”).

During “Dance with Me” a throngs of kids bum-rushed the stage–one kid even made it onto the stage before being asked by security to get down.

adam green

The guest list included friend Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes, Catherine Pierce, singer-cum-model Agyness Deyn, and the Five O’Clock Heroes’ Anthony Ellis.

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  1. albert hammond jr was directly behind me, but i didn’t even know until my friend told me after the show.

  2. i feel so cool because we were the people he asked about being italian AND the people who bum-rushed the stage! yay! plus, after the show adam gave me a hug! and albert said he might come see my band! yay again!

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