Jack White and Karen Elson Hit the Met’s Costume Institute

About a week after he had his own Superman moment, Jack White made a rare public appearance with his wife, supermodel Karen Elson, to the opening of the “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute Gala on Monday, May 5th.

Following the footsteps of his White Stripes bandmate, Meg White (who attended the event in 2006), Jack and Karen were both dressed in Marc Jacobs–she in a red wine-colored floor-length gown, and he in a black and white tuxedo.

jack white and karen elson

SOURCE: Glamour Magazine UK

More photos: Zimbio, Yahoo!

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45 replies on “Jack White and Karen Elson Hit the Met’s Costume Institute”

  1. They look so good together! Is Karen pregnant again? I think she have a little bump.

  2. They really look good together. He seems so happy. She may be pregnant. She said she wanted lots of kids.

  3. They do look good (although I wish she’d worn lipstick). The color of her dress is gorgeous. He looks particularly charming in his tux.

  4. jack is looking very trim these days. I still wish he’d shave though! Hate the sideburns!!

    they look fantastic together though.

  5. Yeah. I think she looks beautiful in those stills. I think her hair was more auburn in those pictures as opposed to the bright red she is wearing now.

  6. She always looks good, it doesn´t matter if she have bangs or not. And they look great together! I hope they show us soon their babys, too! She looks a little bit tired, but with two babys you don´t have enough sleep. But maybe she´s pregnant again!

  7. The bony knee peeking out from the slit in the dress is horrid. Skelator lives!

  8. All the jealous people slagging Karen off are pathetic. I am a big fan of Jack and guess what, I think she is beautiful. They look great together and very happy.

  9. the problem with the internet is that you can throw in unverifiable sludge out there like “he cheats on her” and then it starts to spread. those sort of comments should be deleted.

  10. I think it is lovely that these two seem so happy together and with their little ones. I did not think they would last since they knew each other for only a month before marrying, but from what I’ve heard from peeps in the know in Nashville and from what I’ve seen these two seem have a great relationship and were made for each other.

  11. Um yeah we heard you the first time and the 100 other times in the backstage pass topic. I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish, but no one gives a shit.

  12. “They really look good together. He seems so happy. She may be pregnant. She said she wanted lots of kids.”

    You mean she wants lots of child support when this marriage crashes and burns.

  13. Laura why do you allow this kind of shit to continue? Do you really want your blog to be known as “Jack White gossip central”? I’m not talking about your posts. I’m talking about the bs comments you continue to allow to be posted. Why don’t you do something about it?

  14. I don’t think child support would be an issue, because neither of them are exactly hurting for money. I think Karen actually has more money than him since she has been making her bucks for over 10 years now. The comment by #29 is just plain idiotic.

  15. Crash and burn Marriage, maybe not, Jack it giving up his Midnight creep or late night hype or whatever you what you call it when, theres only sex between 2 people after midnight. So how is he going to get that DEEP, when his momma isn’t around to give it to him.

  16. Wow #32 that was incredibly lame and makes no sense. I get the reference too, but it still doesn’t make sense.

  17. # 30 Sick of this shit? No one is forcing you to visit/read.

    I’m really sick of comments telling Laura what not to allow in her own blog. Again, you don’t like the comments-it’s simple-don’t read them.

  18. And another thing, demanding that Laura do something about the comments you don’t like *boo fucking hoo* is more fucking annoying than anything else posted above.

    Can’t stand when someone get’s on their high horse and goes around demanding things be done THEIR way.

    You want the gossip gone? Then start your own fucking blog and dictate it the way you want. Until then, get the fuck off Laura’s back.

    Again, no one is forcing you to read any of the comments. Can’t handle…Don’t read it.

  19. It’s not that I can’t handle it. I’ve read much worse things about Jack, believe me. It’s because Laura did not create this blog so a bunch of bottom feeders can clutter up her comment section with unsubstantiated, potentially harmful gossip. Not to mention the fact that Jack himself and people who know him probably read this blog as well as major media outlets. There are millions of other places on the net where this kind of stuff can be talked about. I don’t know why so many people have chosen this place to spread their shit. I also don’t know what you are trying to accomplish by posting it. Are you trying to knock Jack off fan’s pedestals or are you trying to send his wife some kind of message? It just seems really pointless. Even if what you are saying is true it doesn’t mean anything because I could go to every one of Chris Martin’s posts and say he cheats on his wife. The internet is the easiest place in the world to spread bullshit.

  20. It´s their private life! If he cheats on her, it´s only their problem and not the problem of the whole world. I think it´s mean to write rumors like this. No one of the people who wrote that can prove it. Maybe he do that on his last relationships ( maybe that was rumors,too!) but everyone can change. My personal opinion is, that they are very happy and no one is cheating. All the people are very very jealous. Karen is a real beauty, I love her!

  21. On a less controversial topic (I hope), does anyone know what’s up with the Candy Cane Children website?

  22. “My personal opinion is, that they are very happy and no one is cheating”

    And there is opposing opinions saying that Jack cheats. You are entitled to your opinion and belief just as much as the other poster (s) should be entitled to express what they think.

  23. Laura did not create this blog so a bunch of bottom feeders can clutter up her comment section with unsubstantiated, potentially harmful gossip.


    If Laura is unhappy with the comments she can choose to delete the comments. Yes or No? So far she allows the comments. Personally I commend Laura for allowing people to have their say – Truth, gossip or rumor.

  24. I wish Laura would delete the obvious trolls like the person above, but it’s her site and she’s the only one who has control over that. How about you not taking the troll bait? If you aren’t all the same person, that is. Trollies live for this shit. If they don’t get a sparring partner they make one up. If you are a real fan, be aware that anyone with half a brain knows what’s going on. There’s no need to respond to it.

  25. From 38 to 40.
    I think he´s not cheating, now. I said maybe he cheat in the past, but maybe that was a rumor, too.
    A lot of people read comments and believe the things. But the truth is, no one from all the people who wrote on sites like this, can prove anything.

  26. Hi guys–It’s Laura here. I’m just now reading all the comments going back and forth about some of the things that have been said in this particular board. There have only been a handful of times I have ever deleted comments that have been posted on the site–when someone has specifically told me to delete their own comment, or if there were instances of a breach in privacy.

    As a whole, I do not delete comments because it would be a nightmare to try to police every mean comment that was made on this blog. Although I might not delete mean/potentially slanderous comments on this blog, I do not CONDONE such behavior. Almost every blog with comments will be sure to have some snarky folks here and there making less-than-nice statements, it’s just the current nature of the internet. Of course it is up to each individual person as to what they want to take as the truth and what they would like to dismiss as fiction.

    I for one do not pay much attention to rumors, and I encourage those of you who are opposed to them to do the same. I think most of the readers here are smart enough to know the difference between a valid comment and a petty and rabble-rousing accusation.

    Thanks guys.

  27. 46 was my comment. Two different windows open at once. Sorry about that.

    I meant to say, thanks for the comment Laura.

  28. Thanks Laura for finally having an opinion!
    Its your blog and therefore you are responsible in part to putting an end to all the bored kids commenting with malice, it doesn’t matter if its towards Jack, his wife or anyone else you post its really going to come and haunt you later if you don’t stand up to it, the internet has created a beast while its amazing to communicate your opinions and to have the freedom to do so, its also too easy to become overly empowered and therefore write false truths and basically write mean, hurtful things. Its dangerous. We are the new generation of haters and hipsters. what a shame that our legacy is wrote in a post here.

  29. Jack cheats on her like a dog in heat. He cheats on her, feels guilty, cries, does it again, then writes bad-ass songs about it. I like his music, he is still a man-whore
    (or slut, cause he aint sellin, he’s buyin!!!)

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