Hold on to Your Gold Lame Leggings: MIA to Release Own Clothing Line

Writes Trashbag Aestethics: “MIA told WWD that she has been currently rocking her own collection of gear . M.I.A’s collection includes bomber jackets, leggings & T-shirts. The collection has been said to featured bold bright hues & graphic prints.”

Although this line has the potential to become a neon-infused disaster, much like Ashlee Simpson’s clothing line for Wet Seal, methinks MIA will be able to pull off some hot designs.

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3 replies on “Hold on to Your Gold Lame Leggings: MIA to Release Own Clothing Line”

  1. That’s going to be a very interesting clothing line to say the least. Oh, and please don’t get me started with Ashlee Simpson.

    And not to be a name dropper but I’m really excited about an upcoming show and I thought maybe I would just drop a little line for anyone else that is interested.

    His name is Val Emmich. He has been around for quite some time but has been under the radar for too long. He’s now making a big impression with his latest album that is out now and I’m really hopeing he will soar even higher with his new album that’s coming out very soon. So if you can, please give him a listen or even check him out yourself. Here’s all the info you need to check him out:

    May 8th @ Pianos
    158 Ludlow at Staton
    New York City



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