Chris Thile Covering The Strokes’ “Heart in a Cage”

Found this video from the TriBeCa Film Festival Music Lounge over at the Music Slut: Chris Thile (formerly of Nickel Creek, now of the Punch Brothers) doing his bluegrass cover of The Strokes’ song “Heart in a Cage.”

Personally I love this version of the song. I think the slowness and simplicity of singing the song this way totally showcases the genius of Julian Casablancas’ melody writing. Even the lyrics sound better! (Which reminds me, KEEP WORKING ON THAT FOURTH ALBUM, JULIAN!) 😉

In the video you’ll hear an even more stripped-down version of the song than he did on his 2006 Grammy-nominated album, How to Grow a Woman from the Ground, where he also covered the White Stripes’ “Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground.”

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  1. This site is okay but i like so more scene better, you should update it more. You update this one everyday, Seriously you could be posting about Cute is what we aim for’s new song doctor and how bert macracken is on the track guest vocaling and it seems as though it should be a used song instead of a ciwwaf song, and how they let laguna beach use there other new song practice makes perfect in their show, or post about bamboozle, or about how it was confirmed ashlee is pregnant, and even about how all time low is taking over out of no where

  2. It just proves why stripped-down is better than overcomplicated arrangements.

  3. i think this was a million times better than the Strokes’ version of it. I never liked it, it’s overpoduced. Ironic metal sucks most, when it’s not meant ironically.

    Pure genius.

  4. Chris Thile can salvage anything, this is proof, , but he should cover better bands. I rather like his cover of Dead Leaves by the stripes.

    best Chris Thile song: if the sea was whiskey

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