Any Knitters Out There?

A bit off topic, but was just curious to know if there are any knitters out there. I just finished a 4 week class at Downtown Yarns in the East Village and would love to connect with some other downtown New Yorkers who are into knitting. Since I’m a beginner I’m looking to swap tips and tricks and patterns, faves and resources.

For those not in New York, if you have tips on great knitting/crafting websites/groups, I’m all ears!

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  1. Me!

    I’m not in New York but I’ve been knitting forever. I taught myself so I’ve never gotten very advanced but I make a lot of scarves and other simple projects.

    I use this website as a jumping off point a lot
    It is just basically a collection of links to yarn site patterns, bloggers patterns, etc. But I often link to a site that I see another cool link on, etc.

    Word of caution, lots of knitting patterns are not tested before they are published and contain errors! Beware! This is why getting them from blogs is sometimes better, usually the blogger has actual done the pattern and if they are really nice you can leave a comment about getting stuck and they will help you!

    Have fun!

  2. I took the Into to KNitting course at Downtown Yarns a year ago and I am now hooked on knitting!!! I recommend their Hat class next. 🙂 The first “Stitch and Bitch” book is really good, if you don’t already have it. It would be amazing if you would start a knitting group!!

  3. OMG now i know i’m not the only music blogger who knits!

    Here’s some knitting blogs that i read/patterns that i adore/photos for inspiration: (more mittens pattern!) (knit robots!)

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