The Kooks New Album “Konk”

The sophomore album by British rockers The Kooks is now out in stores.

I took a few spins of the album today and was all in all impressed. As readers of this site will recall, I absolutely adore the Kooks, so I had high expectations (and a little trepidation) for the new album.


Although some of the songs do in fact sound a tad like tunes off of Inside In/Inside Out, there are some surprising turns, most notably the disco dance hall-worthy “Do You Wanna” which won me over with it’s booty-shaking chorus “Do you wanna? Do you wanna make love to me?”. I can see skinny hipsters attempting to drunkenly scream above PA systems in seedy dive bars across the world.

Other faves are the acoustic version of “Tick of Time” and album starter “See the Sun”.

Have you taken a listen? What do you think of the new tunes?

Read more reviews over at The Guardian UK, The Independent, and The Times.

Also check out this video of Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard performing for Spinner:

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2 replies on “The Kooks New Album “Konk””

  1. Look, I loveD the kooks, and loved their first album, but I don’t see how any fan of theirs could possibly be anything but dissapointed by this album. There’s not one song on the entire disc that I would consider catchy, but there’s nothing profoundly different or great either…it’s just bleh. The Do You Wanna Make Love to me line is one of the most ridiculous lines in music, especially coming from them. Maybe a band like the kings of leon could pull that off, but the line ruins an otherwise pretty decent sounding song. I can’t say that I can imagine ANYONE who takes themselves remotley serious singing along to that. My biggest complaint? They took one b-side song that’s been around forever (the single on the album) changed the lyrics to it, but used the old lyrics on another song (sway)! Is that not the most retarded thing ever? So luke says he has 80 songs written for the album, and yet he has to take one of his old songs that fans have no doubt already heard and make it into two on the new album, including the first single. Does this sound like the makings of a good band to anyone else? I’ve never been this dissapointed by an album…whew, I’m out of breath.

  2. Agreed. loved first album, this one is terrible. The lyrics make me want to cut my ears off, and they forgot how to write the tunes as well.

    The only tunes worth a listen are tick of time and see the sun.

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