Britt Daniel Now Loves the White Stripes

Looks like Spoon front man Britt Daniel has had a change of heart when it comes to the White Stripes. According to a recent Pitchfork interview, he is backtracking on his “Small Stakes” lyric “I don’t dig the Stripes/ But I go for Har Mar”now stating he’s a “big fan” and thinks “they’re doing something special.”

On the reasoning behind the new stance Daniel says, “I’m not afraid to admit it. I make mistakes.”

In related news, during the interview Daniel gives props to TMA fave and New York City artist Sean McCabe who did the cover of Gimme Fiction, stating that “It’s probably our best cover.”

Excerpt from the Pitchfork interview below:

Pitchfork: Moonlight had some great cover art, and your albums always have really suggestive, evocative imagery attached. What’s the selection process like for choosing artwork for you?

BD: Well, almost always it’s just been looking through photos, or art books, or images online. I always say I want a striking image. The only time we didn’t do that is when we hired Sean McCabe to do the cover for Gimme Fiction. He took that photo himself, and I love that cover. I think it’s probably our best cover.

Pitchfork: Yeah, talk about evocative. That shade of red in particular, I think, strikes a chord with people when they see it.

BD: Yeah, there’s something about red, white and black. The Nazis and the White Stripes are on to something.

Pitchfork: Hopefully not the exact same thing!

BD: [laughs] Yeah! I assume so. But it is a powerful color combination.

Pitchfork: Speaking of them, do you still like Har Mar Superstar more? (referencing the “Small Stakes” lyric “I don’t dig the Stripes/ But I go for Har Mar”)

BD: You know I gotta tell you I probably don’t. I really love the White Stripes. I can’t remember at what point I started feeling like that. Maybe around Elephant. I do think that they’re doing something special, and I’m a big fan. And I’m not afraid to admit it. I make mistakes.

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  1. He’s obviously speaking from a character’s POV in that song, not first person. I was surprised he’d say anything about admitting a mistake with his White Stripes fandom.

    Britt’s the shit. Greatness.

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