The Redwalls “The Game of Love”

I just caught The Redwalls on Leno playing their song “The Game of Love.” I couldn’t help but thinking that The Strokes were probably giving them a ring, asking if they could have their song back.

It actually sounds a lot like The Strokes + Albert’s solo stuff + the drumming from The Walkmen + James Walsh from Starsailor’s voice. Take a listen:

That said, I love all the aforementioned bands/artists so therefore, I kinda love this song.

The video of the Leno performance isn’t up yet, but you know how they say that couples who are with together a long time start to look and dress like one another? I think the same is true of band members. Two of the guys had the same guitar, they were all wearing black tight jeans and almost identical shoes. And they are all wee.

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  1. I can’t wait till it’s the year 2030, when all these shitty Strokes wanna-be bands get put onto a Sounds of the 2000s CD that you can only order over the phone. Hits from your favorite bands, like: The Hives! The Vines! The Killers! Coldplay! Redwall! (so Coldplay doesn’t really fit, i know, i just like to throw them in whenever i can)

  2. I’ve seen the Redwalls live and they are very talented guys, but i just can’t stand them. First they wanted to be the Beatles, and now they want to The Strokes. They stand for nothing and have no original talent. Also, they used to have fake British accents when they sounded like the Beatles. They’re from a suburb of Chicago. How pathetic is that?!

  3. are you effing serious, where the heck are you people from. #1 they look like each other cause theyre brothers #2 thats the first time the guitarist has ever used the guitar live (he used it for the effect they needed to give) #3 they are nothing like the strokes or this other crappy rock that’s out today, the redwalls are more talented than the strokes will ever be #4 who the hell cares where theyre from and #5 they’re the only band in the world nowadays that actually stands for something, you’re too stupid to realize that

  4. hmmm… i’ve loved the redwalls for years and i don’t think they sound anything like the strokes (love them) or any of the crappy bands you mentioned. more like they want to be the beatles. but they’re awesome and i love them. and they are AMAZING live.

  5. If you don’t think this song sounds like the Strokes, holy crapballs. This sounds straight off of Room for Fire.

  6. They totally would have play SHOUT! or Tiswas back in ’00 and would have fit in quite nice. American version of Britpop not bad.

    But seriously I miss the fucking Strokes!!

  7. if you guys would listen to other redwalls songs, you would see that they are not a strokes rip-off. this entire post is funny.

  8. and, fyi, i was joking when i said the ROF thing. i love that album. but the redwalls are awesome, too.

  9. The Redwalls played Shout?

    I don’t think so at all.

    I do remember the one in the frame hanging out at Shout though. I remember talking to him and coming away with the impression he didn’t like being a Redwall. That’s influenced the way I hear their music ever since.

  10. ” They totally would have play SHOUT! or Tiswas back in ‘00 and would have fit in quite nice. ”
    do you read?

  11. bottom line? who talks like that.
    they didn’t play shout.
    bottom line, someone was wrong.

  12. since when do you love starsailor? you seem to love them when they are in town but then they leave and you’re all about them being arsesailor or the james walsh four….

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