You Hear It First: The Postelles “123 Stop”

New York City band The Postelles (who I’ve seen open up for Jack Penate) just finished recording a song with The Strokes‘ guitarist and successful solo singer-songwriter, Albert Hammond Jr., who worked behind the board as the producer of the song. (His first time as a producer of another band’s tunes.) The song is called “123 Stop” and the band is releasing it on Monday on their MySpace, but you dear reader get a chance to listen and download the song right now!

Check it out!

DOWNLOAD: “123 Stop” by The Postelles (mp3)

UPDATE: Sorry dudes, gotta make it streaming ONLY for now as this version is not fully mastered:

Here they are in the studio:

albert hammond jr

albert hammond jr postelles

albert hammond jr postelles

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11 replies on “You Hear It First: The Postelles “123 Stop””

  1. wow you guys are awful. not only do you copy the strokes but now u have them playing in your band

  2. you guys are great. Nice sound. I’d like to see if this guy could write anything half as good. Some people just don’t appreciate a good song when they hear it. Keep it up!

  3. Wow, good song. Albert just keeps on making hits. Also for the negative idiot, it says he’s producing, not playing.

    When is Albert gonna make another Strokes hit!??????!!

  4. Wicked sounds ace BUT id rather albert playing in the strokes then producing for this band! Come on albert THE STROKES are leagues above any ova band out there!!!

  5. First things first the EP is phenomenal, and I cannot wait to hear more. I saw the Postelles at gramercy with the subways for the first time a couple months back, and I have been hooked ever since. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of how rude and ridiculous it might sound, but I truly enjoy the greatness that is the Postelles. They are playing at Maxwell’s in Hoboken next Friday with the ataris. Bring all your friends, people!

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