The Rolling Stones and Jack White on the Cover of Rolling Stone

I’ve heard these guys are good…

rolling stones jack white

Mick Jagger, Jack White, and Keith Richards are on the cover to promote the new Martin Scorsese Rolling Stones film, Shine a Light, in which they all appear, natch.

Behind-the-scenes footage.

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  1. I find it hysterical that when you look at the soundtrack for the movie on iTunes, the top-selling track is the one Jack sings on. by far.

  2. I wish more bands would take from this quote.

    ” Jack, what did you learn about the Stones when you opened for them?
    White: How good they were. You could see the comfort level between them, in Keith’s guitar playing and Ron’s slide playing. It’s impressive, man, when that confidence is exuded. Someone once told me when I first started playing — you get a lot more respect if you act like you own the joint. If you fumble around, you don’t gain respect.
    Richards: You could have asked me that question back when we went from clubs to opening for Bo Diddley, Little Richard and the Everly Brothers on one tour [in 1963]. I learned more in those six weeks than I would have learned from listening to a million records. “

  3. Holy moley what a fabulous trio, their charisma
    just spans the generations.

    And yes, Jack White is smiling. And so nicely! Ahhh.

  4. I love J and he’s looking better than ever, but his teeth make him look like carney folk.

  5. Surely you are not suggesting he have his teeth fixed? Who cares? I think he should just be for real.

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