NKOTB Mania: Getting Hotter By the Second

Did you watch the video of NKOTB announcing their reunion tour and new album on the Today Show this morning?


I wasn’t fortunate enough to see them live in concert when they were popular in the early 90s. My mom wouldn’t let me go to any of their concerts (too young) but now 20 years later, I’m er… old enough to do WHATEVER I WANT, MOM!


Danny looked SO old on the Today Show. The Knight brothers still look very young, and Donnie looks older but still good (WALHBERG’S FOREVER!), and of course Joey Mac (my favorite) is still hot and adorable. I love their WICKED MAAAAAAASS accents.

According to the interview, they plan on doing FULL DANCE ROUTINES on the new tour. I CANNOT WAIT! That’s going to be so awesome.

NKOTB is blowings ups all over the internets:

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  1. Unbelievable leap on both Amazon and Google for New Kids on the Block!!!!!! I think that people are snatching up the Greatest Hits CD instead of the individual albums, just getting the best of their music in one package. This is insane with how one appearance on the Today show has done!

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