Your Thoughts: “Consolers of the Lonely”

Officially in stores starting today, folks! The Raconteurs’ second album, Consolers of the Lonely. Post your first listen opinions right here. And if you have any photos of the record in your local shop, post those too!

For local peeps: Other Music opens at 12 noon and is selling the album for 16.99. Best Buy locations open at 10am and have it on sale for 14.99. Circuit City is selling it for 13.99 and open at 10am. Etherea’s site is down so not sure how much they are charging.

Sound Fix in Brooklyn is having a listening party today: “Come out and listen to the new Racontuers release “Consolers of the Lonely.” Free PBR and Vinnie’s pizza from 7-8pm. This is also street date for the CD so pick up a copy in the store.”

consolers of the lonely

Some early comments, “Why are the Raconteurs grow-ers, not show-ers?”

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  1. the only good song is the last one, “Carolina Drama.”

    …you’re still a no-nothin’ hipster cunt

  2. the only good song is the last one, “Carolina Drama.”

    …you’re still a know-nothin’ hipster cunt

  3. sounds like they are having a lot of fun on this album. their first record sounded like a bunch of demos, especially when you heard them in the live setting where tempo’s changed and arrangements were added. this 2nd record feels a lot tighter and complete. The sound is full without being polished or lost in a sea of instruments.

    Jack and Brendan’s vocals are even stronger on this record and they harmonize well together. There is also a definited Icky Thump inspired vibe on the album. The trumpets from conquest are on a few songs, and there are tales of cowboys, spurs, back water preachers…lots of americana.

    All in all, a trimuph for the Racs.

  4. I’ve only watched the video. That song is tuneless garbage. Sure hope the rest of the record is better than that. I don’t know what’s wrong with this band. I love the White Stripes (at least before GBMS), love the Greenhornes, and like Brendan Benson’s stuff a lot. But this band is way less than the sum of its parts. There are other bands that do the 60s/70s thing way better. They should all go back to their original bands.

  5. I rate Consolers of the Lonely a (B-) and I really can’t pick out one song to be a good single, it’s nice and important to have one or two strong songs on an album to be a single.

  6. after watching Salute Your Solution has solidified my love of Jack’s hair. He does, however, need to shave off those ‘burns!

  7. I’m kinda sick of hearing these half-sincere sounding blues things like “Top Yourself”. Sounds like he just went into the White Stripes lost and found and dug it out. There are other songs on the album, like Consolers and Salute, that also sound like White Stripes songs but at least they’re, like, catchy or whatever. I didn’t like the horns on Icky Thump and I don’t like them here, either. Namely Switch&Spur. First four songs are solid, followed by four pretty meh songs, another four good songs, one more meh and one more HORRIBLE song. Carolina Drama just fucking rambles on and on – to the point of being irritating. As a whole, I’d agree with Anon and give it a B-, especially considering their first was an A. They’ve got their heads up their own arses a bit on this one it seems, which is a shame. oh well :\

  8. isnt this commentary exactly what they were avoiding? everyone has their own opinion, if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it.

  9. having seen the raconteurs live a few times – and they are truly a fantastic live band – i am looking forward to hearing many of these songs in person this year.

    i think the album is a really fun listen…and a lot longer than most albums these days. in that respect it does remind me of the who, dylan and other musicians who were not afraid to pursue a rambling, interesting album full of different moods and tempos.

    that said, i think this album requires more that one listen to form an opinion. it is fairly complex, the harmonizing is gorgeous and the guitar solos, are as usual, smokin’ jack.

  10. The great thing about a Jack White project, whether its The White Stripes or The Raconteurs, you are always guarenteed a pleasant surprise with the first listen to any new tracks.
    Unlike its predecessor, Broken Boy Soldier, with its blues undertones, Consolers of the Lonely is a fast paced album, spitting the tracks out at the listener with as much venom as they contain. Kick off with the wham! of the title track ‘Consolers of the Lonely’. ‘Many Shades of Black’ brings the bam! And thank you ma’m! with Carolina Drama.
    Now, it might just be me, but I’m sure I hear traces of early Bon Jovi in a track or two.
    Long live Jack White and his guitar!

  11. Still listening, so not made a final judgement. Lovin the first track – love the way jack changes tempo of a song. Always makes me smile when I hear the high pitched ‘I’ve been looking for an accomplice!’.
    However, thus far agreeing with boarder Stacy. Love the bands individually and would be looking for something special – given the collective talen.
    However, each time past and present I listen to the Raconteurs, and their live performances, I just keep hoping WS get back together soon. Saying that though, lost of reminiscent stuff on COTL from Icky Thump. Not to sure if thats a good thing though. Only time (and alcohol) will tell……………….

  12. love the video love the record
    love it love it!!!
    and top your self is amazing

    hey laura…album cover…wife & kid right???

  13. Nice CD,

    Hold Up,
    Had enough of these modern times
    About to drive me out of my mind
    And you know this too well.

    Modern girl, you’re so kind
    You’re gonna help me get through this time.

    Sounds, like this song is for Ms. L and her Modern Age.
    Are you going to help Jackie boy through this time?
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    Do you like the Attention?

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