Fashion Loves The Virgins

The Virgins have not stopped at their nod from Gossip Girl, they seem to be determined (destined) for further fashion domination–possibly making them the “new Strokes”. Lead singer Donald is a perfect fit for the model/musician moniker due to his lanky body type and towering stature.

It’s with no surprise that we’ve stumbled upon his mug whilst wandering in the world of fashion.

Take this commercial for indie designer Charlotte Ronson, entitled “Annabel and Donald”


and this Corey Kennedy blog appearance.

Prediction on what’s next for Las Virgins?

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4 replies on “Fashion Loves The Virgins”

  1. i saw the virgins on NYE at mercury lounge. i was super excited for the show, but it was probably one of the top 3 worst i have ever been to… for many reasons, but the first being that they can’t play their instruments very well, except for the bassist.

    i know the strokes comparison comes up a lot, but believe me, it’s completely false. and as for fashion, albert’s got all these kids beat.

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