Ryan Adams Returns to Blogging

What can I say, the man just cannot help himself. Kinda like how peanut butter goes with jelly, Ryan Adams and insane internet postings kinda go hand in hand. The onetime prolific marijuana-fueled message board poster cum mp3 recording artist cum infamously broken-hearted video blogger has now unleashed yet another new project in the form of a Tumblr blog which you can find at DRAdamsFilms.com–a domain name that was purchased on March 11, 2008 by a representative from Ryan’s management company.

david ryan adams

Post so far have given props to buddy Jesse Malin and Jonny T on “The Bowery Electric” (whicH I’m presuming is some kinda of music venue or studio (?) on Bowery and 2nd/3rd–complete with a crazy song. He’s also name dropped Albert Einstein and Anne Frank. Funnily enough, even though he’s clearly a crazy person, I still kinda sorta find him all sorts of attractive/appealing.

Thanks to SS for the tip. More info on LA Times’ Music Blog and Gawker.

UPDATE: ARUGH! It appears as though Ryan has gotten blog-shy and deleted all the entries to his Tumblr account. So no more potential blog flirting and intriguing insights into the wonderful world of David Ryan Adams’ brain. Too sad. I’m sure it won’t be long until he surfaces again in some other form. He’s to emotive to resist.

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