Upgrade or Downgrade: The New Stereogum

Music blog monolith Stereogum has got a brands news looks! According to the official post on the redesign, it has now been “formatted especially for people who live in 2008.”


The kids have gotten rid of the beloved headphones from their logo, and you can now…er.. RATE THE COMMENTS. (I suspect that this is what Dante meant when he was describing the “Nine Layers of Blogging Hell.”)

But do you like it better?

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12 replies on “Upgrade or Downgrade: The New Stereogum”

  1. sigh. am i the only one who likes the technicolor background? also am i the only one who still wears hypercolor tshirts?

    back to the drawing board, i guess. what are your suggestions?

  2. Laura, it appears no one is digging on the technicolour vomit-fest! Have mercy!

    I say keep it stark and white, if you’re sick of the green anyway. White is like black. It never fails.

    Or maybe go black? Apparently it’s more enviro-friendly to have black pixels on a screen, so you know, you’ll be a hit with Radiohead at least.

  3. Aww. My poor little “vomit-fest” has been toned down a bit–i added more white to the background, so hopefully it’s a little less vomitty.

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