The Modern Age Wins a 2008 Shockwave NME Award

As of tonight I have a lot in common with the Arctic Monkeys, Kate Nash, the Klaxons, and Facebook. We are all 2008 Shockwave NME Award WINNERS! Muwahahah.

YOUR VOTING was the key in helping this lil’ ol’ blog win a 2008 Shockwave NME Award for Best Music Blog.

I would like to thank YOU, the people who have faithfully visited this labor of love since 2001. Thanks for putting up with all my stupid posts about the White Stripes (who could forget the “Jack White in a bathing suit” post or “Meg White’s Disco Boobs” entry?), Ryan Adams (he loves puppies, remember?), and everyone else who created music pre-2003. Thanks again guys, couldn’t have done it without you.

If and when I receive my golden middle finger statue I will surely post photos.

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14 replies on “The Modern Age Wins a 2008 Shockwave NME Award”

  1. Nice work TMA.
    I like the all these years comment.
    I think someone needs to turn the wireless keyboard over to Henry for a while and let him rock the mic, he’s funny.

  2. CONGRATS on the award!!
    (Looks like some of us do appreciate the pointless Jack and Meg White posts!)

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