Old Navy Commercial Makes My Brain Hurt, In February

Ok, so has anyone been going absolutely OUT OF THEIR MINDS since Old Navy started airing those ridiculously ANNOYING ads for their spring fashions? You know, the one that has some winsome-sounding girl singing about how her “arms get cold, in February”?

These commercials are so cloying that I end up screaming at them the whole time, shouting, “MAYBE YOUR ARMS ARE GETTING COLD BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL WEARING FREAKING SHORT-SLEEVE AND SLEEVELESS SHIRTS!” since all the models in the ad are prancing around in such said clothing. Not a g-ddamn long sleeve amongst them!

But the most grating thing about the commercial has GOT to be the song. But who, dear reader, has manifested the annoying spirit of Blossom‘s Six LeMeure into musical form?

It’s a Toronto-based musician named “Lights” and the name of her newly infamous song is “February Air.”

According to her MySpace blog, Old Navy will air a series of 2 additional ads which will use her music, and then a final ad which will feature her as “herself.” Looks like Old Navy is seriously trying to make some news for itself by “launching” a bright young new artists with the power of commercials.

“Think of the great free press we’d get by making a MySpace band popular!,” someone shouted in the advertising strategy meeting.

In any case, this is good news for Lights, who is an unsigned artists. The bad news is that her inclination to wear tank tops in all her promo photos will keep her arms cold in February:


Here’s the non-Old Navy video for “February Air”:

“February Air” and a slew of other Lights songs are now available on iTunes.

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