How to Dress Like an Indie Chick

Are you winsome? Are you quirky? Do you have thick, chunky bangs and long, pin-straight hair? Methinks you should consider the clothes of Samantha Pleet, designer friend to impeccably dressed indie songstresses Au Revoir Simone.

Check out the coverage of her F/W 08 collection over at the super-hopping, now under the helm of the former driving force of, Faran Krentcil.

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3 replies on “How to Dress Like an Indie Chick”

  1. hahahha
    wow this is pathetic.
    if you try to “dress indie” your most definately a POSER

  2. how can you try to dress indie lmao my m8 told me bout this but i thought he was kidding lol to be indie you just have to be an individual!

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