The Moldy Peaches Sing “Anyone Else But You” on “The View”

Did you see Adam Green and Kimya Dawson in all their Whoopi Goldberg-loving glory on The View yesterday? If not, here’s the video. Watch it before the piracy trolls get to it:

I’m so happy that the Peaches are finally getting their due! Bravo to them. Kimya was beside herself, telling Whoopi that she loved her as she gave her a hug, and Adam went for it–giving Whoopi a kiss at the end of the segment. They were both able to promote their solo stuff on the show as well. Hooray!

Here’s a lovely little photo of Kimya, Panda (her daughter), and Whoopi from Kimya’s LJ. Feel the love.

kimya dawson whoopi goldberg

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  1. why do these 2 speak like they are 11 years old….this “we’re just a bunch of rag-tag “kids”” schtick is getting really really old

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