Reviewing James McAvoy Movies, One at a Time: First Up, “Macbeth”

As you may have realized, I have gigantic crush on newly BAFTA nominated Scottish actor James McAvoy. Since becoming infatuated with him, I’ve started to rent and go see a good number of movies in which he’s starred in.

And since a good majority of other girls I have talked to about James McAvoy also seem to have swoon-worthy feeling towards him, I thought it might be a fun idea to review as many James movies as possible–but based on slightly different criteria than most critics would use. Basically the only criteria that will matter to my reviews pertain to how much screen time James has in the movie, how often he is shirtless, and other similarly important factors.

For my first review I’ll be tackling my most recent James-related rental, his appearance in the “Macbeth” portion of the “ShakespeaRe-Told” series.

james mcavoy macbeth

Year of Release: 2005. Originally aired as part of a TV series for the BBC.
Synopsis: Modern retelling of the classic Shakespeare tragedy, “Macbeth,” set in the competitive world of high-end restaurants.
Character: Joe Macbeth. James plays the lead role of a young, hard-working Scottish chef who plots to murder his boss in order to take over the award-winning restaurant at which he works.

How Much Screen Time Does James Have?: He’s the main character, so he’s practically in ever scene.
But, Is He Shirtless?: Yes! He walks around shirtless wearing black leather pants–hellooooo!!!? There’s a pretty lengthy montaged love scene in which James is shirtless, rolling around in the bed.

Most Memorable James Moment: He kisses his fellow male cook, Billy Banquo, on the lips, to which Banquo responds, “Mad boy!” Joe Macbeth cockily responds, “But you love me!” Yes, yes we do!

The Bottom Line: James gives a great performance as the troubled (and tragic) classic character of Macbeth. At first he’s pompous, then he’s remorseful, then paranoid, and then insane. The actress who plays his wife (Keeley Hawes) is slightly annoying and doesn’t seem power hungry enough, and doesn’t really make enough of Lady Macbeth’s mental breakdown. James looks pretty cute in the chef’s outfit, and who couldn’t love the aforementioned shirtless/leather pants scene.

Final Rating: 7 on the McAvoy Meter for sexy screen time and innovative update of the well-known Shakespeare story.
james mcavoy meter rating 7

Take a look at the hottness:

Macbeth going ballistic after Banquo is killed:

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