David Ryan Adams as HORION74: Movie Making Genius?

Ah, it feels so so good to be writing about the one, the only, David Ryan Adams once again. There has been a significant lull in Ryan news since the last time I saw him on Halloween 2007 at Hammerstein Ballroom, but it appears as though Ry Ry has been hard at work fine-tuning his directorial skills, as displayed in a 18 YouTube video series posted under the username “HORION74” and credited to “DR Adams.”

ryan adams
Photo snatched off of Andy Willsher’s site.

The videos definitely have a low-budget feel–with bad dubbing and hilariously cheesy sound effects…not to mention 80s neon graphic titles and undulating geometric drawings. The series is amazing and humorous. A boggling look into the mind of that mad musician (now musician/director), Mr. Ryan Adams. It’s heartwarming in that cringe-worthy sort of way–like watching old tapes of yourself filmed at all the bar/bat mitzvahs you went to in the early 90s.

The amazing videos… after the jump.

Who could forget instant classics such as “Eatin* with DJ Reggie” which features DJ Adams as host of his own talk show?:

Or what about the RIDONKULOUS video he just added 18 minutes ago, “I am holding a crystal ball” in which he raps about… uh.. holding a crystal ball?:

Or what about the unforgettable “‘SATANIC’ Witches Arise”, which features Ryan and his boys donning bad metal wigs and Ry in his infamous platform hooker boots:

Or what about the sensitive piece “‘Like Yesterday’ Advertisement for Fictional Album”?:

Pure. Video. Brilliance.

Watch more over at HORION74’s YouTube channel.

Thanks to JG for the tip!

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7 replies on “David Ryan Adams as HORION74: Movie Making Genius?”

  1. this is what happens when i’m gone for a night. and no i dont mean the video’s are made, i mean you write watch and then write about them, all night.

  2. I have been on-board with Ryan’s, uhh, “films” for quite some time now. From the always entertaining genius of “Rhoda Ro”, the brilliant rhymes of DJ Reggie, to the epic “The Passion Of The Cardinals”, you will always find brilliance from Horizon74.

    I also think this is what happens when you stop doing drugs and drinking everyday. What the hell else is there to do on a tour bus?

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