James McAvoy Is a Lightweight

…when it comes to drinking, that is… Check out this preview clip from the Golden Globes Dateline special where Atonement star James McAvoy (and my favorite Scottish actor of the moment) reveals how his inability to drink large quantities of alcohol prevented him from becoming the “rocker” child he longed to be in his youth:

Sadly, due to the WGA and SAG boycott of NBC’s broadcast of the Golden Globes, you will not see dear Jamesy pick up his award, if he is to win for Best Actor.

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  1. Let me commend you on your ongoing obsession with wee James. Catch the first season of Shameless on Sundance (if it’s still on), cause he’s great in it. I can’t find Starter for 10 in the movie rental places so I may have to buy it.

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