Stolen Transmission and Island Def Jam Part Ways

It’s almost Hanukkah/Christmas, so that means it’s time for major corporations to ruin everyone’s holidays by letting people “go.” I’m sad to report that Sarah “Ultragrrrl” Lewitinn’s Island Def Jam imprint, Stolen Transmission, got caught up in the mass firings over at Sony BMG, releasing the label into the wild and free to be “indie” once again.

According to Sarah’s postings on AbsolutePunk, Stolen Transmission will live on–returning to the place of its origin, Sarah’s apartment on the Lower East Side.

Ultra’s only regret? According to her comment on Idolator, “My only sadness is having to leave behind the Oohlas who were upstreamed to Island a few months ago. Our connection with each other is stronger than A&R/Artist, so i’m glad we’ll continue to be friends and cheerleaders for each other.”

Can’t wait to see what ST does next, now that they are no longer fettered by a big ol’ record label. Everyone knows that major labels are aging dinosaurs these days.

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