MisShapes and Friends Make It to London Fashion Week

If you checked out the Henry Holland’s House of Holland fashion show that took place during London’s Fashion Week, you may have spied some familiar faces–one Leigh Lezark (of The MisShapes fame) and one Jackson “I’m Not JT Leroy” Pollis strutted their stuff in the show.

leigh lezark misshapes henry holland

Sadly even their best pissed off faces (see above), combined with the fashion forces of “It” model Agyness Deyn, and Carrot Top couldn’t save Holland’s disastrous homage to all things 80s. I think there’s a good reason why neon leopard-print spandex hasn’t made a comeback until now. Here’s a hint–it’s hideous. But the worst offense was this black blazer with mismatched colored buttons and an unflattering sheen to it. Oh, and need I mention the resurgence of shoulder pads? So simple in it’s execution of repulsiveness.

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  1. wow they all look like shit..
    leigh looks run down and jackson eww…
    henry holland should just stick to t-shirts

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