Luke Pritchard of the Kooks @ Soundfix, Brooklyn, NY

So when I’m on vacation, the last thing I want to do is go do work. Apparently Luke Pritchard of the Kooks does not have the same work ethic as I do, because this past Sunday he performed an semi-impromptu acoustic show at Soundfix in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, despite the fact that he’s in town “on holiday”.

The set was slightly delayed by the fact that his cab driver dropped him off on the wrong street (presumably Bedford and South 11th instead of NORTH 11th), forcing him to hoof it to the record shop. That would have been a great sight to see–Luke Pritchard strolling down Bedford, guitar in hand, appropriately dressed for Williamsburg in a gray v-neck American Apparel shirt, skin-tight black jeans and boots, causing double-takes by passers-by.

When he did arrive, he treated the small crowd to a short set of Kooks favorites like “Ooh La”, “Naive”, and a “Seaside”/”See the World” medley as well as a great cover version of Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue” before strolling out as casually as he came in.

luke pritchard the kooks

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9 replies on “Luke Pritchard of the Kooks @ Soundfix, Brooklyn, NY”

  1. Dammit! I share a city with the man and STILL end up missing his shows. Although, he may bet a mini bottling if he showed at my pub. No, wait, that’s Johnny Borrell.

  2. wat the hell sarah!! hes not jewish but he is hot and really great live, nice if you meet him too, a great guy. love luke


  3. Aww if i was luke’s cab driver i would have dropped him off at my house instead of the wrong street. lol jk
    i love luke he is so adorably cute and has sumthing about him that can seduce anyone. (= i wish i get the chance to meet him and just lay a big juicy kiss on him one day (= ha lol
    oh boy, thats the dream!
    he is amazing

  4. oh yeah! he is so so SO handsome!! I think I’m falling in love lol! I wanna kiss him everywhere!! He’s so exciting!!

    PS: sorry: I don’t speak english fluently I’m french

  5. I love luke so much 🙂
    i really wannna find out how i can meet the kooks
    if any one knows let me no on

    also when i saw them at the iow festival theyy were amazing and one of the best bands around i just hope they come back to the iow :D:D


  6. i met luke yesterday actually.
    i was at the kooks concert in boston, and they had a meet and greet.
    he is so much hotter in person.
    his blue eyes are gorgeous.
    oh and he kissed my hand!
    i basically died.

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