After the Jump Festival 2007: A Supermassive Hit!

Thanks for making the first ever After the Jump Festival a major success!

Official After the Jump Cards
after the jump festival cards

Ra Ra Riot packed the house, then brought it down.
ra ra riot

The Virgins strutted their stuff.
the virgins

Official t-shirts of the festival…in a variety of colors!
after the jump tshirts

Locksley made the ladies swoon. (Myself included.)

The Teenage Prayers kicked off the event with a rockin’ *BANG*!
teenage prayers

Jukebox the Ghost rocked my socks off.
jukebox the ghost

Bling Kong made us choose our own adventure during their set.
bling kong

Goes Cube played heavy metal rock…by numbers.
goes cube

made me wonder if mustaches are mandatory when singing in a gypsy punk band.

Apache Beat heated up the stage.
apache beat

Spectrum finished off the day shows with some soothing, atmospheric sounds.

The Virgins
kicked-off the night show with a radical set showcasing their vibrant Strokes-meets-ska sound.

the virgins drum kit

the virgins

Check them out in the New York Times Style magazine today.

DJ extraordinaries Finger on the Pulse played this song by Superdrag called “Sucked Out” and I have NOT been able to get it out of my head ever since. This song is just super rad:

Check out the full photo set on Flickr.

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8 replies on “After the Jump Festival 2007: A Supermassive Hit!”

  1. yeah, i went on their myspace and they sound nothing like the strokes.

    is it just me or does the third member from the left (nick?) look a bit like joe francis?

  2. I really disagree. As an obvious Strokes fan, I found myself thinking the lead singer sounded like Julian during the live show and the reggae influence in both bands links them together.

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