“Gay Fun” = Even Gayer than a Belle & Sebastian Song

Um… where has this song been for all my life? With lyrics like “and if you wake up in the morning and think ‘what have I done?’/ I wouldn’t lose all that much sleep about it/ Because it’s only…gay fun” and “as you were leaving the restaurant/ You grabbed a free magazine/ I knew right then you were part of…the gay fun scene”, how can you not love this little pop confection released on Don Lennon‘s 2002 album, Downtown.

The song is light and poppy, with Don’s lithe voice gliding over the occassional sound of a whistle blowing, like a gayer version of Belle & Sebastian. I know, I didn’t think it was possible to be gayer than Belle & Sebastian either, that alone is a revelation in itself.

DOWNLOAD: “Gay Fun” by Don Lennon

Here’s a video someone did pairing anime with the song:

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