13 replies on “White Stripes Ride onto the Cover of “Interview””

  1. haha. You obviously cared enough to read and click and post a comment. I suppose you’ve also listened enough to their catalogue and seen their live show in order to make this “educated” opinion of yours one to be taken seriously? I love these folks that “don’t care”. LOL!

    The Stripes remain completely intriguing and Interview is one of my favorite publications.
    Thanks for the link! Off to the newstand for me!

  2. Some of us journalists love Jack so much (and Meg too), but we get no love back.

  3. I could say my wife and child are involved in my music as much as my front lawn is,

  4. “I could say my wife and child are involved in my music as much as my front lawn is…”

    Yeah, I know, I wonder how many free “Get of Out of the Doghouse” cards he has.

  5. the cover is great, but meg just looks odd there, although i like the concept because horses have been a part of the white stripes for a while now. so i like the consistency.

    the two page spread inside the magazine is worthy of a blown up poster.

    its amazing.

  6. that ‘front lawn’ comment was funny, but i mean a martyr for my love for you is about her isn’t it?

    she was sixteen and six feet tall, etc

    so that cant be completely true.

  7. I think Jack is more from the storyteller school of songwriting, rather than the confessional school. I don’t think most of his songs are about the people in his life…they might be inspired by them to some extent, but just as you wouldn’t assume that all writers write about stuff from their personal lives (science fiction, anyone?), you can’t assume all songwriters do.

  8. Yeah, do you think his wife and child are like the “front lawn” to his music? Hah! No way. It’s just another White lie meant to keep folks from his front door and his private life private.

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