Missed Connections at White Stripes MSG Show

Ok so I’m sure something good could come out of last night’s show. Maybe someone will find their true love/lust:

Sexy brunette dancing in the pit at White Stripes ! – m4w – 26

“You were wearing a red top and black pants in the GA/pit general admission area at MSG last night. You were really into the show, dancing to every song, about 2/3 of the way between the stage and the gates at the back of the GA area.”

White Stripes Sec 122 Row D 2 HOT GUYS!!
“You and yr friend were the hottest!!! One blonde -the other shirtless- both with dates. I loved watching you two jump around to the music. Would pay $$ to see you again!!!”
EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m not sure WHY those dudes were not wearing shirts…

White Stripes: You = Hot Teacher; Me = supersweet 16 – m4w – 18 (Midtown West)

“I was in the 300s at Madison Square Garden standing next to you. I struck up a convo about the show and I think maybe you couldn’t hear me so well because the music was so loud. I think when we did talk (which was only a little), you seemed at least a little interested.”

White Stripes MSG 7/24-White girl.Glasses.Dark Hair.Section 102 Row C – m4w – 25
“You were there with another female. You had glasses, darkish hair around shoulder length, Either a thin hooded sweatshirt or a sweater type thing. You kept taking that on and off.”

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  1. I found this interesting blog entry that may refer to supersweet 16’s message to Hot Teacher:


    “To all the 16 year old fucks at the White Stripes show….I am not sure what my ex-boyfriend told you, but no, I will not fuck you if you say hello to me. This here, me standing w/ my arms crossed and staring straight ahead? Is NOT code for “keep talking to me during Jack’s solo.” You fuck. I absolutely don’t give a rat’s ass if Daddy got you a Humvee for your birthday & you are psyched because your other 16 year old homo friends had an 11 pm curfew and you don’t. When you ask me if I’m a teacher because I’m wearing glasses, this is one step closer to me taking this broken bottle & shoving it down your throat.

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