White Stripes, Grinderman, and Porter Wagoner at MSG Tonight

Watch this space for reviews (yours and mine!), photos (maybe???), and general musings about tonight’s Madison Square Garden show featuring the White Stripes.

Here’s the info for tonight:

Doors to the Arena open at 7:00pm. Porter Wagoner Featuring Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives kicks off the evening at approximately at 8:00pm. Following a brief intermission, Grinderman will keep things moving until The White Stripes take the stage at approximately 10:05pm*. As always, MSG suggests that you arrive early and travel light.

Just got back. Interesting night. Here are some photos from the show:

white stripes at madison square garden

white stripes at madison square garden

SETLIST: Dead Leaves/ When I Hear My Name/ Jolene/ Hotel Yorba/ Cannon/ John the Revelator/ Icky Thump/ Do/ Death Letter/ Cold, Cold Night/ Martyr for My Love/ I’m Slowly Turning Into You/ I Think I Smell a Rat/ Waisting My Time/ 300 MPH Outpour Blues/ You Don’t Know What Love Is/ Fell In Love with a Girl (“Down home” version)/ Ball and a Biscuit. ENCORE: Blue Orchid/ I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself/ Little Ghost/ We’re Going to Be Friends/ Little Bird/ Catch Hell Blues/ My Doorbell/ Seven Nation Army/ Bo Weevil

Download the ENTIRE show courtesy of NYC Taper:

DOWNLOAD: The White Stripes at MSG, July 24, 2007 (FLAC files)

To read my full review click HERE.

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24 replies on “White Stripes, Grinderman, and Porter Wagoner at MSG Tonight”

  1. What an incredible show!! People were “booing” Nick Cave in my section. Who does that?? I thought Grinderman were AWESOME. And how about Porter? Great to see a true legend play live, and with Marty Stuart! Amazing show start to finish.

  2. It took Jack and Meg not even one song to let everyone know they belonged at Madison Square Garden. I admit I was skeptical. I’ve seen everyone from Queen, Led Zep, The Stones, Who, Cure, Prince, Bruce, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, U2 etc.. at MSG and The White Stripes belonged! They rocked the joint. Grinderman were very good and pretty well recieved. They were loud and dirty!Early on Nick Cave fell on his butt and made a joke about it. Great show.

  3. Jack White was in a very playful mood, he just couldn’t stop smiling and neither could I. Little Bird into Catch Hell Blues was a pleasant surprise, especially since he had already played Death Letter and 300MPH Torrential Outpour Blues. His voice was top notch, and so was Meg’s on In The Cold, Cold Night. Great guitar work on You Don’t Know What Love Is and Ball and Biscuit. Hope a recording turns up soon.

    P.S. Nick Zinner from Yeah Yeah Yeahs was there.

  4. I need details! Details, I say! How many people came to see them ? What was the best song of the night? How long did they play? What were they wearing????

  5. CA, they played 2 ubelievable hours. The Garden was jammed…there must have been close to 17,000. Ball & Biscuit was great…Death Letter was awesome too. I wanted to hear Little Cream Soda, one of my favorites off Icky Thump, and I wanted to hear Hardest Button to Button but I am not complaining.

  6. Also, the Garden wisely gave out glow in the dark swizzle sticks with drinks. They were flying all over the place including some idiots who were chucking them on stage.

    And unlike some previous posters, I thought Grinderman was atrocious. Porter Wagoner and Marty Stuart were great.

  7. grinderman was GREAT. so was porter. the stripes were good, but it was a safe setlist. no surprises and that made me sad.

  8. wtf are you talking about? safe? no surprises? are you saying you expected little ghost? or you expected a super slow-mo fell in love with a girl? or my doorbell on guitar?

  9. “wtf are you talking about? safe? no surprises? are you saying you expected little ghost? or you expected a super slow-mo fell in love with a girl? or my doorbell on guitar?”

    well, yeah actually. that’s all stuff they have done before. several times even. and they played little ghost loads on the GBMS tour. they have been playing the slow-mo FILWAG since joss stone did her cover years ago and they did my doorbell on guitar at Irving Plaza too (if memory serves), or at least a few other shows.

  10. Thanks to the link to my recording on my taper’s blog.
    It was an incredible show from start to finish (almost 2 hours!). It was also nice to see a very different setlist from the show I saw in Canada a couple of weeks ago.

  11. sure, they played little ghost on the gbms tour, but never on this one. and at irving plaza, that was a bass that he played my doorbell on.

  12. i would have imagined it sucking. y’know, because they’ve been saying for like 7 years that they’re not an arena band. also, wasn’t it just a way for them to pay for all the smaller gigs they’ve been doing? well, hope you enjoyed the show, Seat 95ZZZ!

  13. Nah, Doorbell on bass would have been expected last night– they had already done that several times. On the Airline though, think that was a first. And FILWAG. I didn’t think in that setting Jackieboy would give it to us. definitely a pleasing set.

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