The Kooks Rock the Socks Off The Filmore at Irving Plaza

As long time readers of this site probably have realized, with my old age I have tended to frequent concerts less and less–therefore when I actually DO go out, it’s a big deal for me. It has to be a band that A. I know and love or B. I am really curious to see.

Much to the chagrin of some jaded Brit readers, I have been a Kooks fanatic for quite some time now, and was blown away by their first/last set of New York performance at North Six in Brooklyn. So much energy, so spot on with the performance and delivery–I thought that level of awesome couldn’t be matched. Oh how I truly underestimate the Kooks fans–they are CRAZY, as I witnessed again at The Kooks/ Illinois show at The Filmore at Irving Plaza. I keep forgetting this fact until I find myself caught in the crossfire of a wave of alarmingly fanatical adoration directed at Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard.

the kooks filmore new york

It’s so rare these days that I’ll go to a indie rock concert and the band and the crowd will be so in sync–so together in their desire to have a good time and so willing to let loose and not be concerned with “looking cool” or any of that mumbo jumbo–that being at a show like this really gives me hope that there are still people who are into having fun at concerts.

The setlist according to this photo found on Flickr: Sea Side/ See the World/ Eddie’s Gun/ Matchbox/ Ooh La/ Come on Down/ Time Waits/ She Moves/ Oil/ Sway/ Sabateur/ Naive/ Always Where/ You Don’t Love. Encore: Dissapear/ Make Love/ Sofa Song

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I also want to say openers Illinois were excellent as per usual. Every time I see them the are better than the time before. If a band like the Cold War Kids can be “big”, Illinois should rightly be so as well. IMHO, they have more flair, better songs, and more charisma than Cold War Kids + Tapes ‘n’ Tapes combined. If you haven’t heard them yet, hit up the Myspace for a listen.

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  1. i knew that was you in the pink shirt! i was going to ask but it was a bit loud and i felt silly
    the show was amazing. i LOVE illinois now
    i wrote a bit about it on my site

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