I Turn My Camera On: Spoon at Bowery Ballroom

BOO-YAH! First blog post? Do I win? And you call yourselves bloggers… Shame shame shame.


According to the resident Spoon expert, Backseat Blogger, the show was “dirty” in the sense that Britt Daniel was just letting loose and “feeling” the music, and the band played what the BB felt was “what I would have put on a ‘Greatest Hits of Spoon’ compilation album.” Pretty high praise!

Britt WAS in fact loose and goofy–mugging faces as his fellow band mates, reacting to shouts from the crowd to “take off your shirt”, as well as pausing for a moment to point to a girl in the front rows and say, “I saw you on Spring Street today!”

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8 replies on “I Turn My Camera On: Spoon at Bowery Ballroom”

  1. i can’t believe the day has come when laura goes to see spoon. the apocalypse is definitely upon us. please send all spoon photos you take to ME thank you 🙂

  2. almost not worth blogging now. light-years have passed. the light at bowery was really crappy yesterday. all of my photos were kind of crappy. then again i don’t think my camera is worth even turning on sometimes.

  3. i heard albert hammond broke off the engagement?? true missmodern? i never cared for her…bad case of the porno lips.

  4. Hammond’s getting too much tail out on the road with his new album. Living the good ol’ life.

  5. Spoon the most over rated band to ever come out of austin texas the band the black angels rule austin and the world this summer

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