White Stripes Sign New One Album Record Deal with Warner Brothers

Meg and Jack White of the White Stripes have confirmed their new home — Warner Brother Records. According to NME:

“The new contract is for a one-album deal and, unlike their V2 contract, does not involve Jack White’s label Third Man”

Poor little Whirlwind Heat.

No word on whether the deal netted the rumored 3-4 million dollar price tag.

What do you think kids? Is this a new beginning, or the beginning of the end?

Thanks to Chris for the head’s up.

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54 replies on “White Stripes Sign New One Album Record Deal with Warner Brothers”

  1. Good for them, they should get a good deal while they can and get as much money up front as they can. Companies that post 70%+ losses generally have to reasses their business model pretty quick — I just don’t see how they’ll be able to support this kind of thing much longer.

  2. 2007 seems that much better. I do not see this as the begining or the end, more like the middle!

    Now my question is what venue in NYC will they play?

  3. What about blanche?
    I wonder if Jack even talks to dan miller after the whole “jack sleeping with tracee”?

  4. yeah you should respect jack and just get rid of this shit about tracee

    p.s. i think the third man label is cool and everything but wasnt it ultimately just another logo they threw on their records? i mean how much does “third man records” really mean besides jack just being involved?

  5. hi everyone. as far as I can tell, my original post was about the WS signing to Warner Brothers–not about any of this gossip nonsense. i have never really deleted any comments that people have written–even the ones calling me names, etc. i’ve found the best way to deal with gossip/rumors, etc is just to IGNORE the talk. if you dignify it with a response, it often just gets worse.

    So what do you think the new White Stripes album will sound like???

  6. staying on topic:

    new TWS album should have more guitar

    Jacks says so in Total Guitar Mag. released in UK

  7. Concerning the new album…I think it’ll be the pinnacle of Jack’s success with the White Sripes. He IS perfect in his music anyway. Enjoy what he’s about to do and remember it always!

  8. Come on people this is complete bullshit. I’m acquainted with some acquaintances of the Millers and yeah Jack and Dan aren’t that great of friends anymore, but it is not because of something as ridiculous as this. Tracee would never do that to her husband.

  9. I forgot to say that yes this rumor was going around Detroit for a while and some people believed it until they discovered the source of the rumor. Let me just say this person was very close to Jason Stollsteimer.

  10. Can’t you just stop talking about it?
    Mr./mrs. don’t believe it your just draggin it out by commenting on it.

  11. I’m sorry but I don’t like people being fed bullshit, especially if it is about people I know. End of discussion.

  12. the white stripes better play in toronto. a little bit more of me will die inside if they don’t.

    the racs totally just blew by here with one show that my stupid mother wouldn’t let me go to because she likes making my life miserable. oh how i hated the days of being only 17…

  13. i’m so excited about the new album. gives me something to look forward to this summer besides : Selected Problems in Politics – Canadian Health Care… stupid summer school

    and the white stripes better play a show in Toronto. a little piece of me will die inside if they don’t.

  14. I am beyond excited for a new album and tour BUT will a big label mean bigger venues? Jack always liked playing smaller places not huge arenas. I wonder how that part of the contract was done??? I think poor Meg would be lost on a huge stage!

  15. Hi everyone–I’ve deleted some posts from this conversation at the request of the people that posted those comments. If you have something you need removed that you posted, please just contact me. And again, I encourage you to keep ON TOPIC to this post about the record deal.

  16. “I forgot to say that yes this rumor was going around Detroit for a while and some people believed it until they discovered the source of the rumor. Let me just say this person was very close to Jason Stollsteimer.”

    so it wasn’t an accident that the person who tried to sneak this rumour onto the white stripes message board by posting the link to this conversation in a totally unrelated thread is a friend of jason.

  17. 25 years from now, none of this will matter. what will is …… where we were when we first heard the white stripes.
    I wouldn’t worry about them doing a huge arena tour, they seem to stick with multiple dates in cities at smaller venues.
    Get Behind Me Satan was a bit of a departure for them, but with him doing the rac’s thing for a miunte, I hope he gets plugged in and makes it loud once again. totally psyched!

  18. maybe someone who understands the recording industry can answer this. I always though Third Man was Jack’s way of having total creative control and retaining his master’s, if Third Man isn’t a part of the Warner Bros deal will Jack still have control of his master’s?

  19. I’m very excited about the new album. Jack said he’s going to use more guitar this time around, which is always a good sign.

  20. then why don’t you delete the “jason’s cock” message.
    It has nothing to do with the topic.

    Who is jason anyways?

  21. While Jack’s been busy with the Raconteurs…what has Miss Meggy been up to? Ya’ll Detroit people like to talk, tell it!!! I’ve heard ugly rumours that she’s moved to LA…please don’t let that be true. Is she still friends/roomates with KoKo? I only hope that she hasn’t gotten tired of waiting and told Jack to F***K off. It wouldn’t be that hard…except for it being sooo hard…ha!

  22. She does have a place in LA. I don’t know if she lives there.
    But, from what i remember her and koko had a falling out over some credit cards or something.

    Didn’t she do some marc jacobs adds?

  23. this is great!! does any 1 know when the new album will b out in australia or at-least usa?? and will they do a world tour??

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