To the Victor Belongs the Viktor & Rolf for H&M

A few times a year, women and gay men around New York City gather to push each other around, knock each other over, and engage in elbow-to-elbow combat–all for the sake of fashion. Recall events like the Great Barney’s Season Clearance Debacle of 2004 and the Prada Sample Sale Massacre of 2001–incidents that forever changed the history of shopping.

Today, another page in the Big Book of Fashion Combat has been written as a result of the unveiling of the Viktor & Rolf line for H&M.

People lined up outside H&Ms all around town, with fashionistas (and even a MisShape or two) staring each other down and counting down the minutes until the stores opened. As soon as the crowds were let in, items flew off the rack–with the much-coveted V&R wedding dress and the trench coat as the first pieces to go. Women hovered over H&M sales assistants as they tried to replace clothing onto the racks. Ladies would shout, “What size is that?!!?,” and then snatch it right out of the clerk’s hands.

Those that got there first horded all they could, lugging around piles of clothing in their arms as friends scoured further through the racks. Glass decorations got knocked to the floor, smashing into a thousand pieces, girls tip-toeing around the carnage as a man tried sweeping up the mess.

Those lucky enough to score items got their wares packed up in white and black Viktor & Rolf for H&M bags. Lots of people had TONS of bags filled with V&R goodies, and they waddled down the street with their spoils.

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Similar scenes of madness occurred around the country…and the world. Check out first-hand accounts at sites like Catwalk Queen, Fashion.PSFK.

Check out this hilarious scene from the V&R launch in Amsterdam:

And check out these pictures of Viktor & Rolf’s crazy Milan store.

Don’t know who Viktor & Rolf are? Get your learn on:

Musicians like Tori Amos and Rufus Wainwright have performed at V&R shows.

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