I’m the Oldest Person Here: Live from MTVU’s Woodie Awards 2006

7:50 PM
Hiya everyone. So right now I’m sitting here at a table at Roseland Ballroom waiting for the Woodie Awards to start. There are eager fans lining the floor of the venue directly in front of me, and the artists tables are to my right. Tegan and Sara‘s version of “Walking with a Ghost” is playing on the PA. Lady Sovereign, clad in an oversized yellow tshirt and sunglasses, just walked by me. I’m doing double duty tonight–so for the more emo version of events, head over to SMS.

To my left is Jeff, blogging for Gothamist.com. He’s dancing in his seat to the music. I wonder how long it will take for him to realize I’m blogging about him as I sit inches away from him.

7:55 PM

Ok, the gig is up, Jeff just looked at my computer screen while I was showing someone else.

Merlin Bronques, of Last Night’s Party fame/infamy just walked by sans his trademark bad Warhol-esque wig. Someone alert the hipster fashion patrol. Actually, he looks less creepy and more like a normal person w/out that ridiculous synthetic hair, so it’s all good.

Wow, the show is about to start, I can’t believe this thing is running on time. Maybe I brought some Icelandic promptness back with me.

Imogen Heap just began singing. She’s got her hair up in some crazy-ass do with a feather in it, and she’s accessorized by a pink furry vest, with pearl strings hanging around her neck. Do you think she got some award show fashion advice from Helena Bonham Carter?

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Up now, the award for The Breaking Woodie. Nominees, The Arctic Monkeys, Chamillionaire, Imogen Heap, Lupe Fiasco, Plain White T’s. Winners….Plain White T’s. Holla emo.

Comedian Katt Williams just told us that college kids know what’s hot sooner than anyone else. Um…I thought that was the job of bloggers. These kids ARE looking sort of suspiciously at me. Should I be worried about a hostile takeover?

So this is kinda like liveblogging from home, except I here I have to be fully dressed. But this is MTV, so by “dressed” I mean “vaguely covered in the appropriate areas.” PS- I think I’m getting carpal tunnel.

Omigod, Eugene from Gogol Bordello is presenting now with a cute blonde girl from some college radio station, and he is the tallest man EVER. Like scary tall. Like if I got up on his shoulders, I’d get vertigo. And he just gave a shout out to NYU. Something about purple (which is one of NYU’s school colors).

Beck is on right now, perofrming “Nausea”. Complete with his dancing puppets and resident crazyman dancer. His faithful bassist, Justin is sporting his famous superfro and black motorcycle jacket. Beck is sporting a tan hat with white button down shirt, black vest–kinda like a boyishly blond Bob Dylan. Perhaps he should talk to Todd Haynes about getting a cameo in the Dylan biopic he’s working on.

Ooohhh snap. Beck and the band just broke out into “E-Pro”.

Right now they’re playing a video of the Beck puppets totally trashing their dressing room, complete with puppet peeing, beer can bowling, and chair throwing. Pretty adorable.

Ok there is a guy directly behind the Plain White T’s right now. He’s off on the left, wearing a pink polo shirt, dyed blond hair, black tie, with big huge sunglasses (INDOORS). Right now he’s hoping later on he gets to bag a co-ed who’s drunk enough to think he’s Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters.

Right now, International Woodie is up…and the winners are…The Subways. Total shocker seeing as how they were probably the only band nominated in the category who are actually here. Singer Billy Lunn is wearing a “Dig” tshirt.

Gnarls Barkley just won for Left Field Woodie, which I guess is the “totally out there music” category. Lady Sovereign is mugging at the back of the crowd, sporting her “Biggest Midget” tshirt. Something about her ability to do not stop gesticulations makes me believe that Lady Sov would be a top Charades partner.


Oh look! Sarah Ultragrrrl just stopped by to drop off a sticker for The Oohlas.

Lady Sovereign just declared that she’s not going to go with the script. She’s just shouted that she’s drunk and made some inintelligable sounds while intro-ing the Gym Class Heroes.

I should mention right now that Jeff is no longer sitting next to me, Alex from Best Week Ever now has that misfortune.

Um… WHAT? Since when was Kim from America’s Next Top Model on MTVU? I love her, she’s so cute. I have a total girlcrush on her. She just introduced The Academy Is…as being one of the Woodie of the Year nominees. Pretty sweet.


I just realized that the scaffolding to the left of the performance stage is giving me RENT flashbacks–and it just so happens I went to the afterparty for the premiere at this very space. Um…I’m sorry, I think that was just really embarassing for all of us.

Hollaaa. Brooklyn Vegan in the house. Dave just came by to say hello. I wonder if he’s pissed that HE didn’t win the “Good Woodie” award for the inroads he’s made for vegan music bloggers world wide. Maybe next year Dave, maybe next year.

HAhahah. The girl presenting with Ghostface Killa just made a “omigod I can’t believe I’m on stage with Ghostface Killah” face. And GK just said that he listens to Norah Jones. Did anyone else just get really uncomfortable?

And the 2006 Woodie of the Year award goes to…Angels and Airwaves. Yes, because bands fronted by a 30-year-old man totally represents the college-age set. Ah democracy, so confusing, so baffling. Tom DeLonge just told everyone to “Challenge yourself to change the world”. That’s almost as inspiring as the other Tom DeLonge-related words I usually live by, from the hit Blink-182 song, “Rock Show”: “Because I fell in love with the girls/ at the rock show/ She said ‘what’ and I told her that I/ didn’t know/ She’s so cool, I’m gonna sneak in/ through her window”. What is that sound? Oh yes, music to my ears.

TV on the Radio just finished up their first song. Woah, the dude with the pink shirt and sunglasses loves him some TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me”. He also loves him some cow-like gum chewing.

Mmmm. The guitarist has brought out the windchimes. Could windchimes be the new cowbells?

Wow, is there some kind of curfew law around these parts? The show is over and the kids are pilling out as soon quickly as the streamed in. Someone’s pulled the plug on the music and all of a sudden I’m getting flashbacks of the lameass dances we had in our high school gym.

Ah Woodies, over before I knew it, but not over before this week’s episode of Top Model.

Gotta head out now, I got a cool invite from a kid in front of me to hit up an afterparty at NYU’s Weinstein dorm to hit up. Just ask for “Ricky Bobby” on the 3rd floor, room 3D. Oh and supersweetness, I just heard there were keg stands on the way out. Does anyone have a Red Bull I can down? I’ve got a math lab tomorrow morning that I’m totally going to need the energy for. Oh and can I borrow 20 bucks? My ‘rents haven’t loaded up my campus cash for next month and it’s been too close to the last time I donated eggs so I’m a little low on $$$. Gotta go blow up my pool raft so my buddy can crash at my place tonight. Later.

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  1. that’s pretty cool Laura 🙂

    i won tix for tonight, but i live nowhere near NY and i couldn’t get there on a Tuesday so i have to experience it through your blog.

  2. ‘Start Wearing Purple’ is an awesome Gogol Bordello song, hence the shout-out from Hutz.
    Eugene is indeed tall. Saw him wandering around Nolita once and nearly fainted with excitement. He djs ever Thursday at Club Midway in case anybody was wondering.

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