Rachel Bilson: Official So Cute I Can’t Take It

What can I say…Zach Braff has a way of just looking at something longingly out of the corner of his eye and it immediately gets a coating of industrial strength quirkiness. Looks like Zach’s latest project, The Last Kiss, is no exception.

The marketing campaign is geared toward “the kids” as it were–young adults on MySpace and YouTube who will hopefully spread around these kinda adorable “Day in the Life Of” videos of the film’s stars, Rachel Bilson and Braff. You can even subscribe to the video podcast for the film, which will update every Tuesday and Thursday through September.

I don’t watch The O.C., but I do love Rachel Bilson because I think her fashion sense is great (I really only know who she is thanks to Teen Vogue), but now I love her a little more because she’s so darn cute in these videos. It makes me a little sick.

WATCH: Rachel Bilson driving and telling jokes

Oh and PS- Casey Affleck is looking SO FINE in the stills of the film. Thank god at least one of the Affleck brothers isn’t an eye sore.

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